The role of transport logistics in the economy – on the example of our company

June 6, 2021
Bir Kuwwat

Nowadays, various types of transport allow you to solve almost any cargo delivery operations anywhere in the world. To organize such transportation – in accordance with international standards and with minimal losses – companies and holdings engaged in transport logistics are being created. This is the sphere responsible for the organization of cargo transportation to the specified location by any of the existing modes of transport: road, rail, air or sea. The tasks of logistics companies include delivery with the least losses, tracking the movement of cargo using modern means of communication and transmitting information about the cargo to the customer.

The logistics company “Bir Kuwwat” has been providing a wide range of services for the organization of cargo transportation to other countries and within Turkmenistan since 2020. The company transports cargo between the CIS countries, the EU and China, within the Commonwealth countries and inside Turkmenistan. The list of Bir Kuwwat services includes cargo delivery by all modes of transport – rail, road, air and sea, multimodal transportation (combining several types alternately), port services and project logistics. By means of road, rail and sea transport, the company organizes the transportation of all types of cargo. The company transports piece, bulk, oversized cargo, as well as cargo requiring special conditions for transportation. In the field of maritime transport, IP “Bir Kuwwat” since 2020. This type of transportation is used for long-distance delivery to other continents, often as part of multimodal transportation. The company transports products of the domestic oil and gas chemical complex – polypropylene, petroleum coke, sulfur, as well as sulfate and nitrogen fertilizers, cotton yarn and cotton lint. This company is distinguished by an integrated approach to the organization of sea transportation, providing its clients with a full package of logistics services in the port – from loading in the port and intraport freight forwarding to the freight of vessels of any capacity and legal support. The company also delivers cargo to or from the port by road or rail, transports containers in ports, and also guarantees the storage of goods in proper conditions and their safety.
The company implements international logistics projects that activate the transit opportunities of Turkmenistan, because today, thanks to the successful implementation of the transport policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Great Silk Road is being recreated anew in the form of modern transnational road, rail, sea and air routes. These routes, which practically coincide with the directions of the ancient transcontinental route, will ensure the strengthening of foreign economic relations, the expansion of transit traffic on the Eurasian continent, cultural and tourist contacts.

Bir Kuwwat is the initiator of the organization of a transport corridor from the port of Turkmenbashi to the port of Aktau (Republic of Kazakhstan) and further by rail through the Khorgos border station (PRC) to major port stations of the People’s Republic of China. The time of unhindered delivery of goods along this corridor is 15-20 days from the date of dispatch. In August last year, the company “Bir Kuwwat” carried out the first transportation of polyethylene produced by the Kiyanly plant along this route. Container transportation of consumer goods is carried out in the opposite direction from China to Turkmenistan. In March 2021, multimodal cargo transportation was carried out in 50 containers of elevators and escalators from Shanghai (China) to Turkmenistan for the construction of new infrastructures. To date, the specialists of the company “Bir Kuwwat” are implementing a transport corridor from Japan, South Korea and Vietnam through the territory of China, Kazakhstan to the port of Aktau and the Caspian Sea (the port of Turkmenbashi). This route will contribute to the increase of commercial activity between the countries of Southeast Asia and Turkmenistan, as well as the dispatch of Turkmenistan’s export cargo to the Asian-Pacific Region.

To date, a pilot project is underway to deliver Japanese-made cargo in its own Bir Kuwwat containers from the Japanese port of Nagoya through the port of Lianyungang, China further to Turkmenistan. The company also takes an active part in exhibitions demonstrating the economic achievements of our country, including the development of international trade. Thanks to such exhibitions, the company gets the opportunity to popularize its services among domestic and foreign companies and contributes to building up the trade potential of Turkmenistan.