Turkmen company Bir Kuwwat signed a trilateral agreement on the sidelines of the International transport Forum

July 20, 2022
Bir Kuwwat

The practical outcome of the international conference “International Transport and Transit Corridors: interconnection and development” held in Turkmenistan was the signing of documents that open up new opportunities in accelerating and increasing cargo flows in the region. Among them is a trilateral cooperation agreement between the Turkmen company Bir Kuwwat and the Azerbaijani companies “Baku International Commercial Seaport Govsan” and Caspian Logistics Solutions. The successful implementation of this Agreement is also intended to contribute to the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed between the Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan and the Caspian Logistics Solutions company, which, according to the agreements, in both documents acts as an investor in port equipment and mechanisms, as well as in rolling stock of various modifications and types.

The logistics company Bir Kuwwat has been providing a wide range of services for the organization of cargo transportation between the CIS countries, the EU and China, within the Commonwealth countries and within Turkmenistan since 2020. The list of Bir Kuwwat services includes delivery of various cargoes and all types of transport – rail, road, air and sea, multimodal transportation, port services and project logistics. Today, the company is actively implementing international logistics projects that activate the transit opportunities of Turkmenistan. For example, Bir Kuwwat is the initiator of the organization of a transport corridor from the port of Turkmenbashi to the port of Aktau (Kazakhstan) and then by rail through the Khorgos border station (PRC) to major port stations in China.

Specialists of Bir Kuwwat company are developing projects of a transport corridor from Japan, the Republic of Korea and Vietnam through the territory of China, Kazakhstan to the port of Aktau and the Caspian Sea (the port of Turkmenbashi).

The company transports piece, bulk, oversized cargo, goods requiring special conditions for transportation, including products of the domestic petrochemical complex – polypropylene, petroleum coke, sulfur, as well as sulfate and nitrogen fertilizers, cotton yarn and cotton lint.

The agreement with Azerbaijani partners on cooperation will contribute to the implementation of Bir Kuwwat’s long-term plans, especially in the field of sea transportation used to deliver goods over long distances to other continents, often as part of multimodal transportation. This route will contribute to the increase of commercial activity between the countries of Southeast Asia and Turkmenistan, as well as the delivery of Turkmenistan’s export goods to the Asia-Pacific region.