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Bir Kuwwat is one of the most prolific Sulphur traders globally. Our customer centric approach helps us design tailored solutions to the varied customer’s requirements. Over the years, we have gathered extensive knowledge and experience of sourcing & selling sulphur across geographies and continents. We mainly trade in Formed Sulphur (Granular/ Prilled/ Pellets), Crushed Lumps & Powder Sulphur. Our rich experience in sourcing, aided by sharp control over logistics helps us organize smooth deliveries.


We have a diversified customer base, with majority of customers having long term relationships with us. Our customers from India, China, South East Asia, Jordan, Latam Africa and Australia have been with us for more than a decade. For sourcing we have effectively built strategic partnerships with manufacturers in the Middle East & other geographies.


Bir Kuwwat is honored to introduce itself as unique trading company that offers value added services along with efficient & Cost effective customized solutions for our customers. We have the ability to handle varied cargo sizes and transport Sulphur within the assured time. We are active players in two way trade wherein we supply sulphur and purchase Fertilizers in return. Our focus is to build enduring relationships and provide prompt supply to customers globally.


What is sulphur (S) and what are its applications ?

Sulphur (S) is a chemical element and a copious, multivalent non-metal. Sulphur exists in various forms such as Recovered Sulphur (from Oil & Gas refining), Pyrite Sulphur, Mined Sulphur and Other forms (Smelter Acid), etc. Today, almost all elemental sulphur is produced as a by-product of removing sulphur containing contaminants from natural gas and petroleum. Sulphur is widely used in industrial and consumer applications for a variety of functions. About 90% of Sulphur is used to produce Sulphuric acid which is further used for two major applications i.e. Fertilizer Production (As Phosphoric Acid) and for Metal leaching (Zinc, Copper, Nickel, etc.)