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Petroleum trading

Bir Kuwwat is dedicated to trading petroleum commodities as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Our world-class team of trading professionals is well coordinated and benefits from local knowledge as well as international experience. We trade a variety of products including crude oil, fuel oil, base oil and other oil products, as well as metals and soft commodities.

Bir Kuwwat’s well-coordi­nated professional team supported by sophisticated tools for trade and risk management benefits both from knowledge of inter­national markets and long-term relationships with the key players. Our main activities are focused in the markets of Caspian Sea, CIS. In 2018 we started geographical diversification by entering into other markets such as China. By lifting more than 3 million metric tons per annum, we are one of the biggest off-takers of crude oil from Turkmenistan. We move these volumes to international markets via different modes of transportation including pipelines, railway tank cars and ships. Moreover, we buy a considerable amount of different petroleum products such as gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoil/ULSD, fuel oil, and base oil from the Turkmenbashi and Seidi refineries for further transport to global markets. In addition to petroleum products and various oil blends, Bir Kuwwat trades petrochemicals and polymers, soft commodities and metals.



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