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Port services

As an international transport and logistics services provider, Bir Kuwwat organizes complex cargo forwarding services in ports. Offerings include cargo delivery to the port, delivery of goods from ports by road, delivery of goods from ports by rail, transshipment of containers in ports, ensuring compliance with transshipment conditions, storage and transportation, and intra-port forwarding. Bir Kuwwat specialists analyze customer needs and cargo characteristics to create optimal solutions for storage and transportation. Thanks to close cooperation with sea lines, ports around the world, and other reliable Partners, Bir Kuwwat has a flexible pricing policy and consistently offers high-quality services.

Our Company performs various formalities connected with arrival of the vessel at the port stay of the vessel in the port and sailing from port:

  • assistance in providing vessel mooring of vessels (tugs, boats, etc.), as well as pilotage;
  • we assist the ship’s captain in establishing contacts with port and local authorities;
  • we protect the interests of shipowners before the customs authorities, port administration, cargo owners, etc.;
  • we pay by order of the shipowner and the ship’s captain the amounts to be paid in connection with the ship’s stay in the port;
  • we attract cargo for linear transportation;
    we collect freight;
  • we carry out freight forwarding;
  • we perform other actions in the field of Maritime Agency services.

The full range of Bir Kuwwat’s  cargo services in ports include:

  • Transshipment of containers in ports and intra-port forwarding of general cargo, bulk cargo in big bags, bulk cargo, etc.; “Ship-warehouse-road” or “ship-warehouse-rail” transshipment schemes;
  • Delivery of goods from ports by road and delivery of goods from ports by rail in Russia and other countries; Assistance in preparation of accompanying paperwork and customs documentation;
  • Cargo service in ports and storage of goods; Chartering sea vessels of various deadweight – from coaster-type to panamax-type – as well as “river-sea” vessel and barge chartering to move goods across inland waterways;
  • Representation of Client interests before third party organisations.

Every day, Bir Kuwwat specialists provide high quality services related to the transshipment of containers in the largest European ports in St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Vysotsk, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-don, Azov, Temryuk, Klaipeda, Gdynia, Szczecin, Antwerp, and the Caucasus – the fifth biggest port of Southern Russia and Turkmenistan. A team of experienced professionals in the field of transport and logistics render services and deal with the forwarding of various categories of goods, both general and bulk. Bir Kuwwat employees organize the chartering of cargo vessels of various capacities both as a standalone service and as part of a cargo transshipment service package. Chartering services are available worldwide with no geographical restrictions. Bir Kuwwat offers the chartering of ships from / to the ports of the CIS and Europe, as well as between the ports of China and South Korea. Bir Kuwwat regularly monitors changes in local and international regulations governing freight forwarding services and ensures compliance with sanitary standards for storage and transportation of various types of goods. Thanks to the experience and qualifications of Bir Kuwwat experts, the corporate group provides cargo service in ports supporting high-quality operations.