The Kuryk Port in Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea coast plans to launch new ferry lines to the Iranian Ports Amirabad and Anzali from mid-November.

At the outset, the cargo will be transported by Russian vessels, which will be capable of accommodating up to 32 heavy trucks up to 17 meters long each, and the cost of one-way freight will be from 1.600 to 1.700 dollars.

The Port of Kuryk is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea, at the intersection of the East-West trade corridor connecting Europe to East Asia, and the North-South corridor connecting Russia to India. The automobile infrastructure of Kuryk is fully ready to accept and perform operations with cargoes crossing the port on transit and export-import routes.

The port’s location in a natural bay in the gulf provides it with favorable weather conditions for loading and unloading, car spotting and picking operations. The non-freezing bay is not the only advantage of the coastal strip near the village of Kuryk; there is also the possibility of expanding production capacity. The depth of the port waters reaches 7 m, and the port area is more than 67 hectares.

The port infrastructure includes railway and motor terminals with the simultaneous service of two ferries, an approach channel, western and eastern breakwaters. The length of the berthing line is 466 m. Consumer goods, grain, petroleum products, liquefied hydrocarbon gas, fertilizers, chemicals and other commodities are transported through the port. Today, the Kuryk ferry complex can serve up to eight ferries per day and handle cargo in the amount of 6 million tons per year.

April 16, 2020

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